Thanks to all attenders, sponsors and contestants to the AWARDS HGALA CEREMONY OF SUMMA 3D 2017
Congrats to all the winners!







1º Prize: “COLRUN “, of Alex Relloso (student in the U-tad)
2º Prize: “THE GRUMPY GOSHT”, of Alex Relloso and Jorge Durán (students in the U-tad)
3º Prize: “NILO, of Lautaro Berrueco



1º Prize: “SOLSTICE” of Emilio Rivera (Mago Audiovisual Production)
2º Prize: “THE GRUMPY GOSHT” of Alex Relloso and Jorge Durán (students in U-tad)
3º Prize: “COLRUN” of Jorge Valero Sarria (student in the U-tad)



1º Prize: “TWIN ISLANDS”, of Manon Sailly (L’école Supinfocom Rubika)
2º Prize: “OVERRUN”, of Pierre Ropars (L’école Supinfocom Rubika)
3º Prize: “ALLECYCATS” of Alejandro Jiménez and Bernardo González (Blow Studio)




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If you can dream it, you can do it. Think, create, dream and dare.

SUMMA3D is an international 3D short-film animation contest, addressed to students, professionals and the animation film lovers and VFX, but in reality it is a request for all those involved in the animation sector to join and succeed in underpinning the development of new talents, new projects, to enhance 3D animation sector.

We want it to be a long-running contest, and see how it becomes a benchmark for future generations, not just in Spain, but throughout the world.


Our goals are:


  • Help production companies to find qualified and specialized professionals
  • Introducing new talent to the market in all areas of animation
  • Encourage, support and reward new talent
  • Promote new projects to produce
  • Participatory, exciting, motivating and unique events
  • Betting on the transmission of culture and knowledge • Support and strengthen new business challenges
  • The value of the sponsoring companies
  • Setting to Spain as one of the world leaders in the 3D animation and VFX sector
  • Enhancing networking in our events





3D Short-Film Project

SUMMA3D Contest category aimed at producers, directors and scriptwriters who are immersed in the creation of an animation short film, which has not yet been completed but has such a development that can be evaluated at the project level both in the artistic field , as organizational and economic. 



Character Design

SUMMA3D Contest category aimed to those artists who feel capable of designing a 2D and 3D animation character that may be the protagonist of future adventures. The deadline for delivery will be closed along with all other categories.  



Finished short-film in 2016” 

SUMMA3D contest category aimed at producers, directors and scriptwriters who have finished an animation short-film throughout 2016, which will be evaluated at the project level both in the artistic field , as organizational and economic. 



Best 3D architecture infographics

SUMMA3D contest category for those students and professionals in 3D infographic architectural projects, which will be evaluated in both artistic and technical fields.



Public prize to “The best short-film of 3D animation

SUMMA3D contest category for those candidates in Category C, whose will be evaluated by the attending public to the screening of all short films selected by the SUMMA3D’s APP.



Terms and Conditions


General terms and conditions



Before signing up to the contest, make sure you’ve read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS,
decided which one of the four CATEGORIES you wish to participate in
and carefully read the STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE


In order to register in SUMMA3D you need to download the registration form and then send it to
Any audiovisual material should be sent through WeTransfer.
Thanks for participating!


Registration Form


You may also register vía FESTHOME platform in




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The Summa3D contest jury will be formed by a group of national and international professionals of recognized prestige in the 3D animation sector and by a representative of the sponsoring companies.


Events Calendar

NOVEMBER 3th, 2017  from  07:00 pm.

Awards Gala  Ceremony.

Academia de Cine.

C/ Zurbano 3, Madrid.












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